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About Susan

Color, shapes, and patterns tell the story of my art. The use of acrylic paint helps to make quick changes as I react to the voice of the painting. Creating is a meditative process for me, and I am so grateful to be an artist. Originally from Michigan, Sanibel Island, Florida, was a 5-year whim that turned into a 27-year stay.


Life is good.

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Hurricane Ian

It's finally time to start over. I have moved past the tragedy of Hurricane Ian. I hope that going through the storm, the shock that followed, and our escape will only happen once in my lifetime. Without the patience, kindness, and compassion of our family and friends, we would not have been able to complete our rehabilitation.

What lessons did we take away from the last year? Above all, in the event of an impending hurricane, NEVER remain on the island. Whatever you believe you can do to keep your possessions safe is a losing battle. Mother nature takes over. Losing belongings is unsettling and depressing, yet they are all simply stuff. Following a 28-year accumulation in our Sanibel home, we are now trimmed down without having to go through the pain of decisions. Should it stay or go?

My new studio is better than before! I so missed the rhythm of my life, and it feels great to be back in action. Many thanks to all who continue to support my passion for creating.

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